Who do we work with?

We work with a variety of people. They tend to be mid career – not straight out of school or Uni - and most of them are from a professional, creative or corporate background.

They’ve been successful and they’re good at their job.

What they have is common is that they are not in a job they love.

Are any of these familiar?

You’ve become stale – you job just doesn’t seem fun or interesting any more.

You’re working long hours and hard and your home and social life are suffering.

You’ve been made redundant, or are at risk of redundancy.

You’re in a job that is safe and secure and which, frankly, you could do in your sleep.

Office politics and the demands of work are so stressful that it is affecting your health.

You are returning to work after a career break.

You know that you want to change career but you don’t know what to.

You've plateaued in your career and you're not sure what to do next

You know what you want to switch to but you want help in getting a job.

To work successfully with us, you:

- are ready to change – you’ve got to the point where you are ready to take some action

- will put in the work. Changing career is not always easy (though it is worthwhile). You are going to have to put effort into it to be successful.

- are prepared to take some risks. This may not be the safe option (though it may be the sane option). You may need to make sacrifices, retrain, reduce your income, move, develop new skills.

- are used to working with professionals and realise that changing career is important enough to hire an expert.

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