Books for Career Change and Job Hunting


How To Get A Job You'll Love - John Lees

An excellent and practical book, including many exercises looking at what motivates you in a job and practical advice on job hunting. NB John is British! 

I am a bit of a John Lees fan - his books are thoughtful and thorough and assume that you are intelligent. They have a bit more substance than some other career books, and are worth the effort of reading. I recommend all his books highly.

What Color is Your Parachute - Richard Bolles

A classic - updated annually - contains practical advice on getting a job and exercises to help you to change career. NB it is American


The Work We Were Born to Do - Nick Williams

A bit more 'new agey', good if you really want to search your soul about your life's work

  Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People - Carol Eikleberry
Helps artistic and creative people find the right job. Aimed at people who are 'artistic' in Holland Types. (See Self-Directed Search to find out your Holland Type).
Excellent, easy to read and practical. Includes 270 examples of jobs, so great for giving you ideas.

And What Do You Do?: 10 Steps to Creating a Portfolio Career - Barrie Hopson and Katie Ledger

Good book if you are considering a portfolio career. Discusses the pros and cons of portfolio career with many case studies. Also has exercises to help you work out what you want to do and advice on marketing yourself.
 Get Hired Now - CJ Hayden

Great if you need a structure to your job-hunting. This 28 day programme helps you to decide what activities to focus on and gives daily encouragement and suggestions.
 Interviews: Top answers to tough questions - John Lees
A sophisticated and thoughtful guide to interviews. Advice on how to prepare for interviews and how to answer specific questions. Looks at the agenda behind questions and gives you tactics for dealing with them.
 Perfect Interview - Max Eggert
Easy to read and accessible guide with lots of useful tips. Does not contain answers to interview questions - they are in the next book.
  Perfect Answers to Interview Questions - Max Eggert
Answers to typical interview questions (as it says on the tin!)
  Why You? CV Messages To Win Jobs - John Lees
I wish I'd written this - an excellent book on CVs.  Full of useful advice - on structure, content, style and based on experience and research.
  Perfect CV - Max Eggert
Easy to read and accessible advice on layout, what to include and exclude.